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For more than three decades, Sunrise Children’s Hospital has been Nevada’s largest, most comprehensive children’s hospital.

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Medical conditions associated with autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that can cause physical, emotional and behavioral differences. It’s challenging to raise a child with autism, and these challenges can be accompanied by ...
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Can children become organ donors?

Just like adults, children can be diagnosed with diseases and medical conditions that cause organ failure. Unfortunately, it’s often more challenging to match a child in need of an organ to a ...
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Should you be worried about stress in your child?

Just like adults, children experience stress and its unhealthy consequences. However, they might not always recognize that stress is the reason they aren’t feeling well. Furthermore, children ...
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Seeking care for pediatric tumors

There are significant differences between pediatric cancer and cancer in adults. Childhood cancers aren’t significantly influenced by lifestyle choices and environmental factors, for instance. ...
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Be Aware of These Common Pediatric Eye Injuries

If you’ve childproofed your home and provided your kids with the necessary sports safety gear, you’ve already taken important steps toward preventing unexpected visits to the ...
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