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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month - October 2011

Posted on 10/20/2011

Focus on SIDS

The month of October is designated as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month, helping to provide education on one of the leading causes of death in children of less than one year of age. Consider this overview on sudden infant death syndrome to learn more.

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, refers to the unexplained death of a child who is less than one year of age, although SIDS usually occurs when infants are between 2 to 4 months old. According to SUID/SIDS Resource Center, a total of 2,453 deaths were attributed to SIDS in 2007. And while the number of SIDS deaths per year has declined on average since then, SIDS is still a large factor in the total number of infant deaths per year in the United States.

While the exact cause of SIDS is unknown, research shows that some of the potential causes may include:

  • Abnormalities in heart rhythm control
  • Abnormalities in the section of the brain that controls an infant’s breathing during sleep and waking
  • Changes in components of the immune system
  • Changes in how serotonin functions within the brain
  • Poor arousal response to asphyxia or breathing obstructions

Risk Factors
There are several factors that may increase an infant’s risk of SIDS, including:

  • Low birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • Delayed fetal growth
  • History of an acute life-threatening event or a SIDS death in a sibling
  • Previous incidents of unexplained severe apnea
  • Sleeping on the stomach or side
  • Smoking during pregnancy or around infants
  • Opiate, cocaine, or alcohol use during pregnancy
  • History of urinary tract infection or anemia while pregnant
  • Late or lack of prenatal care
  • Overheating

It is crucial to seek emergency medical care as soon as it is discovered that an infant is not breathing. CPR should be started immediately and care should still be sought even if the infant begins breathing again. It is crucial for the cause of the incident to be fully evaluated as well.

Whether your infant is in need of children’s emergency care, heart care, or general pediatric services, Sunrise Children's Hospital is here to help. Contact us at (702) 731-5437 for more information.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

Posted on 10/13/2011

Premature babies are at higher risk for a number of debilitating health conditions. In fact, studies show that approximately 15,000 premature infants suffer from retinopathy in the United States.

In this video from the National Eye Institute, we take a closer look at retinopathy in premature babies. Retinopathy occurs when the retinal blood vessels are underdeveloped or fail to grow to the far edge of the retina. This ultimately causes the blood vessels to grow in the wrong direction and can lead to scar tissue, which can, in turn, cause retinal detachment and blindness. Learn more in this full clip.

Sunrise Children's Hospital has been serving Las Vegas children and their families for over 30 years. For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (702) 731-5437.

Sunrise Children's Hospital | Here for Your Little Ones from Birth to Adulthood

Posted on 10/12/2011


Sunrise Children’s Hospital is the leading pediatric and neonatal provider in the Las Vegas region, providing the most comprehensive and advanced health programs and access to sub-specialties for the past three decades. We partner with physicians and hospitals throughout the Southwest in order to provide care for children from birth to 18 years of age.

Our dedicated team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and support staff work together to provide exceptional medical care and services to our patients and their families. Our goal is to offer high-quality, safe care in a family-friendly environment, which is why we built amenities and guest services to fit every patient—from full-size parent beds to local discounts for families.

Our services include the following:

  • Specialized neonatal and pediatric transport team to transport children to our waiting team of experts
  • 24-hour children’s emergency care
  • Labor and delivery unit providing the most advanced care for even the most complicated deliveries and high-risk pregnancies
  • Pediatric pharmacy with specially trained technicians and pharmacists who only prepare medications for pediatric patients
  • Heart Care Program with the ability to perform open heart surgery on pediatric patients
  • Oncology unit that participates in clinical trials through the Children’s Oncology Group, helping to improve treatment and cure adolescent cancers
  • The state’s largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric intensive care unit for patients in need of higher levels of care

If you are looking for the best children’s hospital or NICU hospital in Las Vegas, then consider Sunrise Children's Hospital. To learn more about our pediatrics program, visit us online or contact us directly at (702) 731-5437.

Learn More About Our Recent Blog Topics With These Great Resources!

Posted on 10/6/2011

We hope you have enjoyed our recent blogs about our hospital, including our choice to become smoke-free and what a Child Life Specialist can do to help your child during his or her hospital stay. Here are some websites and articles that provide more information about our recent topics:

  • To find out more about what secondhand smoke can do to your body, read this information from the American Cancer Society.
  • Smokeless tobacco is just as dangerous as cigarettes. Learn more about this deadly habit and how to keep your kids away from it.
  • If your tween or teen is facing a hospital stay, then let him or her read over this article to learn more about what to expect.
  • A Child Life Specialist has a unique role in a children's hospital. To find out more about this important job, visit the Mayo School of Health Sciences.
  • If you want find out when you should take your child to the emergency room, then check out the information found in this article.
  • For more tips on helping your child learn to use 911, visit
  • This helpful webpage provides more ideas for teaching your child what to do in an emergency.
  • Having a premature baby often means a stay in the NICU. Learn more at
  • To find out what happens when your baby first gets to the NICU nursery, check out this article from
  • For everything you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy, visit

To learn more about our pediatric care services and facility, visit our website or call Sunrise Children's Hospital of Las Vegas at (702) 731-5437.

Thank You, Brian Sandoval!

Posted on 10/4/2011

Sunrise and Sunrise Children’s Hospital welcomed Governor Brian Sandoval for a visit touring through the hospital today. We enjoyed his visit very much and thank him for allowing us to share all of the great programs we have here for the Las Vegas community and Southwest region.  

Governor Sandoval 013

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