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Kids and Sleep

Posted on 12/7/2011

You know that a good night’s sleep is important to promoting proper concentration and energy levels—but did you know that not getting enough sleep may actually lead to certain health concerns?

In this video, the American Heart Association takes a closer look at how sleep deprivation affects children. Studies show that sleep-deprived children are at a greater risk for obesity, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that preschoolers get between 11 and 13 hours of sleep a night, while elementary school children get between 10 and 12 hours. With adequate sleep, your child will be better prepared for the day and healthier in the future.

Find out if your child is at risk for diabetes or high blood pressure by visiting Sunrise Children's Hospital at (702) 731-5437.  Our pediatricians can advise you and your family in preventative measures to avoid future health issues.

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