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Learn More About Our Recent Blog Topics With These Great Resources!

Posted on 10/6/2011

We hope you have enjoyed our recent blogs about our hospital, including our choice to become smoke-free and what a Child Life Specialist can do to help your child during his or her hospital stay. Here are some websites and articles that provide more information about our recent topics:

  • To find out more about what secondhand smoke can do to your body, read this information from the American Cancer Society.
  • Smokeless tobacco is just as dangerous as cigarettes. Learn more about this deadly habit and how to keep your kids away from it.
  • If your tween or teen is facing a hospital stay, then let him or her read over this article to learn more about what to expect.
  • A Child Life Specialist has a unique role in a children's hospital. To find out more about this important job, visit the Mayo School of Health Sciences.
  • If you want find out when you should take your child to the emergency room, then check out the information found in this article.
  • For more tips on helping your child learn to use 911, visit
  • This helpful webpage provides more ideas for teaching your child what to do in an emergency.
  • Having a premature baby often means a stay in the NICU. Learn more at
  • To find out what happens when your baby first gets to the NICU nursery, check out this article from
  • For everything you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy, visit

To learn more about our pediatric care services and facility, visit our website or call Sunrise Children's Hospital of Las Vegas at (702) 731-5437.

Thank You, Brian Sandoval!

Posted on 10/4/2011

Sunrise and Sunrise Children’s Hospital welcomed Governor Brian Sandoval for a visit touring through the hospital today. We enjoyed his visit very much and thank him for allowing us to share all of the great programs we have here for the Las Vegas community and Southwest region.  

Governor Sandoval 013

Sunrise Offers the Highest Level of Care for Mothers & Babies

Posted on 10/4/2011

If you are having a baby, then you want to find the best care possible for your delivery. Watch this video to learn about how Sunrise Children's Hospital offers the highest level of care mothers and babies in the Las Vegas region.

For quality NICU, children's hospital, children's emergency care center, and so much more, come to Sunrise Children's Hospital in Las Vegas. Give us a call at (702) 731-5437 to learn more about us and our services.

Child Life Assists Children and Families

Posted on 9/29/2011

Pediatric Care

Being in a children's hospital can be very hard for kids. They are in a strange place with strange people, they often don't feel well, and they may be separated from family and friends for an extended period of time. At Sunrise Children’s Hospital of Las Vegas, our Child Life Specialists assist children and their families during a hospital stay—here's an overview of what these crucial members of the pediatric hospital team do.

  • Child Life Specialists can help kids prepare for surgery or medical treatment by using toys or dolls to explain what will happen. They can also offer age-appropriate information and counseling for the child and can help parents learn how to reassure their children about upcoming procedures.


  • For kids, spending time in the hospital can be very boring. A Child Life Specialist has a wide assortment of games, toys, books, and movies for kids to use during their time in the children's hospital. The excitement of looking forward to a new toy or game each day can take the edge off the boredom—and fear—of being in the hospital.


  • The Child Life Department also sets up activities involving other kids in the hospital. These may be group games, painting, storytelling, arts and crafts, or holiday celebrations. The kids look forward to socializing with others their age, and their parents can get a well-deserved break for coffee or a snack while the kids play with their new friends.


  • When a baby is in the NICU, it can seem very scary to visiting siblings. A Child Life Specialist can help prepare siblings for their first visit with his or her newborn sibling, making for a happier visit for the entire family.

At Sunrise Children's Hospital of Las Vegas, we provide children’s emergency care, pediatric care, NICU services, and so much more. Visit our website or give us a call at (702) 731-5437 to learn more about us, our services, and our commitment to both you and your little ones.

Teaching Your Child How to Use 911

Posted on 9/27/2011

Emergency Call

All parents hope and pray that an emergency never happens while their kids are home alone. Unfortunately, it is possible that your child could have to call for emergency care when you aren't there. Or worse, they may need to call for you, especially if you have a health condition or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Here are some things you need to know about teaching your child to use 911:

  • First, explain to children that police officers, paramedics, and fire fighters are their friends and want to help them. With all their gear and equipment, these lifesavers can seem scary, especially fire fighters, who may sound menacing with their oxygen masks. Remind your kids that in an emergency, the best people to have around are police officers, paramedics, and fire fighters, and introduce your children to these community heroes whenever you can.

  • Next, teach your kids to dial 911. Simple games like pointing out numbers, writing numbers, or even using the television remote to find their favorite shows can help kids learn their numbers. Then, teach them that dialing 911 will bring the help they need to your house.

  • Explain to your children what constitutes an emergency. Fires, break-ins, and medical emergencies all warrant a call to 911. Teach your children to call for help right away if someone is bleeding badly, unconscious, or not breathing.

  • Be sure that your children understand that in an emergency situation, they must answer questions honestly and do as they’re told from you, an emergency responder, or the person taking the 911 call.

For top-quality children's emergency care in Las Vegas, come to Sunrise Children's Hospital. Call us at (877) 216-2521 to learn more about our pediatric services, or visit our website for more helpful tips and information.

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