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  • Pediatric Oncology Department and Specialty Services

    Cancer Survivor

    Oncology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancerous tumors. While cancer is usually thought of as an adult disease, many infants and children also suffer from different types of cancers and debilitating diseases. Sunrise Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology and Special Services programs provide diagnosis and treatment for children with oncology, immune, and hematology disorders. In fact, our facility is the only dedicated pediatric oncology unit in the state of Nevada.

    Our hospital is also a full member of the Children’s Oncology Group, or COG—a national organization devoted to the treatment of childhood cancers. After screening patients to identify their eligibility, we employ only the best therapeutic and research protocols to treat infants and children with oncology, hematology, and immune system disorders.  Some of the most common hematologic disorders include bone marrow failure syndromes, neutropenia, anemia, thrombocytosis, and blood clotting disorders , such as hemostasis. Immune system disorders include leukemia, diabetes, asthma, and more serious immunodeficiency diseases, such as HIV and AIDS.

    We not only utilize the most advanced, high-tech solutions, but we also employ nurses who have passed and maintain the Oncology Nursing Studies (ONS) certification exam and the pediatric version. This ensures that our team of nurses can efficiently care for children that require chemotherapy treatments and other therapeutic modalities associated with pediatric cancer treatments.

    Our pediatric physicians and specially trained nurses with the Pediatric Oncology Department and Specialty Services at Sunrise Children’s Hospital are devoted to providing the best diagnostic and treatment options for your family’s needs. Learn about your child’s risk for certain immune disorders or cancers by visiting our website or by contacting us at (702) 731-5437 today.

  • The Funniest Flu Video Ever!

    HCA interviews the flu. Check it out!

  • The Sunny Babies Program at Sunrise Children’s Hospital

    sunny-babies-logo Pediatric Care

    Here at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, we understand that early and continuous prenatal care is a crucial component to insuring the future health of you and your baby. As one of the leading children’s hospitals in the nation, our Sunny Babies Program (formally Baby Your Baby) to encourages pregnant women to seek prenatal care as early in the first trimester as possible.

    Early prenatal care reduces the likelihood of a number of conditions, including:

    • Preeclampsia
    • Gestational diabetes
    • Premature birth
    • Low birth weight
    • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    • Metabolic disorders in infants
    • Structural defects in infants, including spina bifida, cleft palate, congenital dislocated hip, and clubfoot
    • Multifactorial birth defects , including congenital heart defects, cleft lip, and neural tube defects

    The Sunny Babies program offers a number of services, including helping parents:

    • Find a physician so they can obtain early and continuous prenatal care
    • Register for free childbirth classes at any one of Sunrise Health’s facilities, including Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital, and MountainView Hospital
    • Pre-register deliveries at one of Sunrise Health’s Hospitals
    • Apply for Medicaid and identify financial assistance programs

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital has been providing exceptional prenatal and pediatric care to Las Vegas residents for the past three decades. Let us help you and your child live a healthy, happy life. Visit our website for more information on our prenatal services, children’s emergency care, NICU, and much more. Contact us online or call (702) 731-5437 to schedule a prenatal consultation.