Taking Care of Your Child’s Ears

Children's Ear Health

From hearing to balance, your child’s ears are essential in helping him or her interact safely with the environment. Although ears do not typically require too much cleaning and attention (just to be washed regularly), there are a few things that every parent and child should know to keep them healthy. Read on to learn more about taking good care of your child’s ears .

  • Regular cleaning:
    While many people may think of earwax as an unnecessary and even gross product of the ear, this substance actually serves an important purpose. It is secreted to lubricate, clean, and protect the skin of the ear canal. As it is produced and makes its way to the opening of the canal, you can gently clean it out of your child’s ear with a damp washcloth. Cotton-tipped swabs are not recommended for cleaning, as they can cause earwax to become impacted in the ear canal, which can result in impaired hearing.  
  • For pierced ears:
    If your child has recently had her ears pierced, be sure to allow the piercings to fully heal before the earrings are removed. As it is healing, use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the piercing thoroughly while the earring is still in place to help prevent infection. 
  • While in the pool:
    Many children can suffer from a condition called swimmer’s ear after swimming in a pool for a certain period of time. To prevent this painful infection, dry your child’s ears thoroughly after each swim. A few drops of rubbing alcohol may help to dry out any remaining moisture left in the ear canal.
  • In hot and cold weather:
    Make sure that you apply sunscreen onto your child’s ears (and yours too!) before any prolonged sun exposure to avoid sunburn. When it is cold outside, keep his or her ears covered and warm with a hat or headband to avoid frostbite.

If your child experiences pain or other symptoms associated with his or her ears, consider seeking treatment at Sunrise Children’s Hospital of Las Vegas. Contact our friendly staff at (702) 731-5437 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services.

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