• How to Prepare for Cesarean Section Delivery

    If you are planning a cesarean section (C-section) birth, your birth plan will look different than one including traditional labor and delivery. Still, you do need to plan and prepare for the delivery, and you can find the resources you need to prepare with Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. Below is a look at the steps you might take to get ready for your C-section delivery.

    Newborn baby boy covered in vertix inside incubator

    Sign up for a Prepared Childbirth Class

    You will not need the extensive coaching of multiple labor and delivery classes when you are planning a C-section, but you should still seek some childbirth education to ease your worries about delivery. The one-session Prepared Childbirth Class may be right for you, as it includes information on C-section delivery, caring for your body in the third trimester, and caring for your new baby.

    Plan to Have Help Through Your Recovery

    Complete recovery from a C-section takes about four to six weeks, which means that you may not have the energy to handle household chores and newborn care on your own. Along with help from your partner, you might ask friends and family if they can help you around the house once the baby arrives. The reduced stress will help you recover faster while your baby still gets proper care each day.

    Determine Your Preferred Method of Anesthesia

    As you discuss your delivery with your doctor, you might be advised to speak with an anesthesiologist to review your options for anesthesia to use during delivery. This decision is unique for each patient, so be sure that you schedule time to speak about it and learn the risks and benefits of every option.

    To discover all the reasons to choose Sunrise Children’s Hospital for your labor and delivery, contact us online or through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 731-5437. We are the leading provider of neonatal and pediatric care in the Las Vegas region with three decades of excellent pediatric care behind us.

  • How Out-Of-Control Portion Sizes Can Lead to Health Problems

    When you are trying to help your family eat more nutritiously, you should focus on how much your family is eating in addition to what they are eating. The occasional cookie is not going to lead to massive weight gain, but oversized cookies eaten every day can put your family on the path to obesity .

    This video shows how average portion sizes have grown and how this impacts the calorie content of the foods you consume. Watch it to improve your awareness of super-size portions and take control of them.

    For more tips on healthier living for the whole family, contact Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. You can reach us by visiting our website, calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 731-5437, or using our iTriage app for your smartphone.

  • Understanding the Unique Challenges of Prescribing Medication to Children

    Prescription medications may be recommended for the care of your child for reasons ranging from minor infections to mood disorders, but it is important to recognize that prescribing medicine for a child is not the same as doing so for an adult. In order to ensure that your child is safely using medication, you should seek specialized pediatric care that accounts for these factors that can compromise the safe use of prescription drugs.

    medical exam

    Children cannot take adult dosages

    Many medications prescribed to children are the same as those used for adults, but the dosages are much lower. Because children all grow at varying rates and reach maturity at different ages, it is beneficial to work with a pediatrician who can easily identify how much of a certain medication is appropriate for your child.

    Specific medications should not be prescribed to children

    When drugs are prescribed for behavioral and psychological disorders in children , there are many complexities to be aware of. Some mood-altering medications are dangerous for adolescents, because they can cause reactions that do not occur in adults. Additionally, some of these medications can alter normal development and behavior, so it is best to work through a dedicated children’s pharmacy to prevent these issues.

    Parents need to be informed of proper use

    Because parents will be dispensing prescribed medications to their children at home, they will need to have an understanding of how and when the medicine should be given. Pediatricians and pharmacists should review proper use with parents before the medication is taken by the child, and parents should never give adult medication to a child without a doctor’s approval.

    At Sunrise Children’s Hospital, we take the necessary steps to ensure that our young patients are safely taking the medications they need to get better. We have a dedicated inpatient pediatric pharmacy and we offer educational services to parents so they can maintain excellent care at home. Learn more about how we can help you keep your child healthy by visiting our website or calling us at (702) 731-5437.

  • More About Pediatric Healthcare

    Children’s health needs are unique, and your kids deserve the specialized and advanced care offered by Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. To learn how to help your child stay healthy after consulting us for your pediatric care, browse the links below. For more information about our hospital services, contact us online or call us at (702) 731-5437.

    doctor examining baby

    Understand why watching television is bad for your child with this article from KidsHealth.org.

    ChooseMyPlate.gov looks at some kid-friendly ways to serve fruits and vegetables in your meals.

    The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute has some tips on getting active with the whole family.

    Check out NIMH.gov for some reading on the use of antidepressant medication in children and teens.

    Learn about antibiotic resistance and how to prevent it at FDA.gov.

  • Fun Ways to Get Moving for Your Family’s Total Health

    As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, the need for changes in daily habits and behaviors also rises. One of the leading reasons childhood obesity has become so prevalent is a shift toward more sedentary lifestyles in which more time is spent sitting in front of TV and computer screens. You can inspire healthier recreational time in your household by organizing physical activities for the whole family so you can all exercise safely and frequently. Here are some ideas for fun family activities that will help everyone in your home burn excess calories.

    Autumn trek with dog

    Family fitness competitions

    Adding the element of competition to your family’s exercise routine can help keep young members of the family interested and motivated. Consider having family races or contests to see who can do the most physical activity each week. Make a chart to track the leaders in your family and remind everyone that being physically active is a household priority.

    Outdoor hikes

    Taking your activities outdoors will encourage your children to interact with the world around them instead of spending the day in front of the television . When you have time on the weekends, take the family for a long hike so you can take in the beauty of the outdoors while getting great exercise. Bring a nutritious picnic along with you so you can pair proper eating with your new healthy habit of family exercise.

    Neighborhood sports teams

    You can get the whole community involved in your fitness efforts by enlisting neighbors to start your own sports teams at local parks. This will not only get everyone moving, but it will also help your children gain social skills and build friendships founded in healthy hobbies.

    For more ideas to inspire your kids to get active, contact Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 731-5437 or by visiting our website. We offer nutritional counseling from clinical dieticians specializing in pediatric nutrition so that your kids can eat the right foods to fuel them for fun family activities.

  • Set a Positive Example for Your Child by Making a Resolution to Lose Weight This Year

    Children who have parents who are obese are more likely to struggle with their weight from youth to adulthood because obesity is generally bred from genetic factors and learned habits like poor diet. When you take the steps to get to your healthy weight as a parent, you can help your child avoid weight management issues for a lifetime of good health. Plus, you will feel better about yourself when you take off extra weight for the benefit of your kids. Here is a look at some ways you might accomplish your weight loss goals for the New Year.

    Girl bouncing on trampoline

    Prepare family meals at home

    If your family’s diet is heavy in fast food or grab-and-go foods, everyone is probably consuming too many calories without meeting their basic nutritional needs. Take control of what you and your family are eating by doing the cooking for yourself, making sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in every meal. You can save time in the kitchen by preparing meals ahead of time on the weekend so that busy weeknights don’t tempt you into dining at the drive-thru.

    Set aside time for physical activity

    Many parents complain that they do not have time to exercise because they need to care for their children. However, exercise can easily become a family activity that is healthy and fun for you and your kids. Make physical activity a priority in your household so you are in shape to keep up with your kids as they get excited about getting exercise.

    Consider weight loss surgery

    If you have a BMI of 40 or higher and obesity is affecting your health, weight loss surgery may be the best solution for you. When you make the decision to get this type of surgery, you can reach out for the support of your family by having them follow healthier diets and exercising with you as you see lasting weight loss.

    With Sunrise Children’s Hospital, you can learn more strategies for healthier living that will help the whole family get into shape this coming year. We are partnered with Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, so we can offer complete care for all members of your family. Contact us online or call (702) 731-5437 to get more information about our hospital services and see a schedule of upcoming Weight Loss Surgery Seminars.