• Learn More about Celiac Disease and Eating Right During Pregnancy with These Links

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    Sunrise Children’s Hospital offers prenatal and pediatric care for families in the greater Las Vegas region. We offer a NICU hospital for newborns in need and children’s emergency care for pediatric patients of all ages. To find out more about our services, call (702) 731-5437 or visit our website . Click through the links below to learn more about our recent blog topics.

    • Has your child been diagnosed with celiac disease ? The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse describes this disorder.
    • The Celiac Disease Foundation gives readers some helpful dietary suggestions for living gluten-free .
    • The March of Dimes explains how excessive weight can complicate the health of expectant mothers.
    • Eating right during pregnancy can provide essential nutrients to your unborn child and ward off the risk of obesity. HealthFinder.gov breaks down how to enjoy a healthy diet while pregnant.
    • Healthcare providers recommend that expectant mothers stay active. The American Pregnancy Association lists ways to exercise safely during pregnancy .

  • NHTSA to Join Safe Kids and Child Safety Advocates to Highlight Dangers of Child Heatstroke in Hot Cars


    As the Las Vegas Valley quickly heats up, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids Worldwide will join a parent who lost her child in a heatstroke tragedy, along with local police, fire, government and other partners to discuss ways to prevent child deaths and injuries in hot vehicles. Nevada is one of several states with a high number of heatstroke fatalities – at least 11 children in Nevada have lost their lives to vehicular heatstroke since 1998.

    The Live demonstration conducted by the Nevada Highway Patrol will show how emergency personnel respond to 911 calls and assess a lock-in situation. Other compelling visuals include a temperature display demonstrating how hot it can get inside a vehicle.  The event is on May 23rd at 10:30.  For more information, call Sunrise Children’s Hospital today at (702) 731-5437!

  • Water Safety Guidelines for Summer Recreation

    Happy Child Swimming

    Swimming is a great way to beat the heat of a hot Las Vegas afternoon. However, it’s during the warm summer months that facilities such as Sunrise Children’s Hospital witness an increase in pool-related accidents and injuries. To make sure that your family’s time at the pool is fun, relaxing, and pain-free, bear in mind the following water safety guidelines.

    Prohibit pool diving
    Children may not heed pool markers that differentiate between the shallow and deep end. As a result, they may inadvertently dive into a section of the pool that’s far too shallow for safety. Head injuries from pool accidents can quickly escalate into life-threatening situations. Not only can blunt trauma to the head cause a swimmer to lose consciousness, but also it presents the possibility of paralysis or drowning. To avoid these dangers, restrict diving into any part of the pool.

    Eliminate distractions while supervising pool activity
    Multitasking might be a part of your everyday life, but when it comes to pool safety , it’s best to put away distractions that may prevent you from keeping a close eye on your children. Reading by the pool is a popular pastime, but if you’re supervising swimming children, you should put away your book. Also, refrain from taking calls or surfing the internet on your phone while looking after your children.

    Become CPR certified
    Knowing CPR is the best measure parents can take to protect their children while at the pool. In the event that your child swallows water or cannot breathe, being able to immediately administer CPR is critical. The longer a child goes without air, the more likely he may suffer brain damage. If you aren’t currently CPR certified, contact your children’s hospital for class information.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital wants your family to enjoy a happy and accident-free summer. To find out about how to become CPR certified, call our Las Vegas children’s hospital at (702) 731-5437. We also encourage parents to visit our website for a full listing of our many pediatric services.

  • Smarter Swimming and Pool Safety Tips

    When water safety is not properly observed, a relaxing afternoon at the pool can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. This video illustrates easy ways that parents can protect their children from pool dangers.

    Key to safeguarding small children is installing a fence that prohibits unmonitored access to a pool. A door alarm or pool cover can also alert parents to a child’s entry into the backyard or pool. All parents should be trained in CPR in order to provide immediate aid in the event that a child takes in water and stops breathing.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas strives to protect parents and their children from the dangers that may arise during the warmer months. To learn more about how to protect your children from summertime hazards, call (702) 731-5437.

  • Signs that Your Child Is Suffering from Dehydration

    Thirsty boy drinking water outdoors

    A dry setting like Las Vegas can quickly whisk away moisture from the body. When combined with heat, physical activity, or illness, dryness may cause dehydration in children. Sunrise Children’s Hospital stresses that insufficient hydration is a serious concern for children, as it may disturb bodily processes and cause loss of consciousness. It’s key that parents recognize the signs of dehydration well before a child complains of thirst, which indicates advanced dehydration.

    Low Energy
    Many factors can cause a child to be lethargic. If your child slept little the night before or hasn’t had a meal in a few hours, he may appear tired. If these factors are not relevant, your child’s fatigue may be the result of dehydration —especially if he has been playing outside for an extended period of time. When your child is outdoors, have him take frequent breaks for rest and rehydration.

    Parched Mouth
    A dry mouth is another sign that your child may be suffering from dehydration. Frequent lip licking may be one sign that your child’s mouth is dry. A visual examination that shows your child’s tongue to be dry may also indicate dehydration. To avoid dehydration, have water with you at all times so your child has continual access to fluids.

    Infrequent Urination
    A telltale sign that your child is dehydrated is sporadic urination or urine that is dark in color. The body is constantly flushing toxins from its system, so the fewer bathroom breaks your child takes, the more likely that he lacks the fluids necessary to relieve his body of waste. If your child hasn’t urinated in more than 12 hours, or if your infant hasn’t had a wet diaper in more than six hours, contact your physician for help.

    Don’t let dehydration escalate into a more serious problem. Call Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas at (702) 731-5437 to speak with a children’s emergency care specialist about your child’s symptoms. Parents can also check current ER wait times by looking on our website or texting ER to 23000.

  • Use These Tips and Guidelines to Promote Good Family Health during the Hot Las Vegas Summer

    Girl bouncing on trampoline

    While protecting the wellbeing of your family is important no matter the season, the summer months can create unique risks you should be aware of. These links can help you prevent dangers that may occur during warmer weather or all year long.

    • Children who engage in consistent exercise suffer fewer weight complications than those who lead sedentary lives. LetsMove.gov offers parents tips on how to raise active children.
    • The American Heart Association describes the side effects of childhood obesity.
    • Though outdoor activity is a great way to keep children in shape, it’s important to avoid dehydration from too much exercise and too few liquids. KidsHealth.org explains what parents should look for when assessing dehydration in children .
    • The hot Las Vegas sun also presents the risk of sunburn and skin damage. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide essential advice on how to protect young skin from sun exposure.
    • Families often flock to the pool during the hot summer months. HealthyChildren.org details pool safety tips for parents.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital offers prenatal and pediatric care for families in the greater Las Vegas region. We offer a NICU hospital for newborns in need and children’s emergency care for pediatric patients of all ages. To find out more about our services, call (702) 731-5437 or visit our website .

  • How to Encourage Your Child to Be More Physically Active

    Enjoying Her Bike!

    It’s easy for children to be inactive. Long hours sitting in desks at school and time devoted to homework and television at night can leave little room for exercise. Together with fast food meals that provide little more than empty calories, sedentary lifestyles are largely responsible for why so many children in the United States are overweight. Sunrise Children’s Hospital urges parents to take control of their children’s wellbeing by encouraging habits that will keep them active and prevent excessive weight.

    Restrict time spent watching television
    With hundreds of channels to choose from, children can sit in front of the TV for hours at a time. If they become bored with watching shows, they can simply turn on their game console and spend many more hours playing videos. It’s up to parents to limit the amount of time their children are allowed to engage in such activities.

    Support your child’s interest in sports
    Many schools and park districts offer after-school sports for children. If your child takes a particular interest in basketball, soccer, or another sport, encourage him to sign up for lessons. Some children may be reluctant to participate if they are new to a sport, but with your support, they can overcome potential fears and increase their love of physical activity.

    Set a healthy example for your child
    Children pay close attention to their parents and often emulate their behaviors. To have active children, you must be active yourself. Engaging in regular physical activity isn’t something you must do on your own; being active as a family is a wonderful way to ensure your children’s wellbeing and create special memories together.

    Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? Sunrise Children’s Hospital can help parents incorporate fitness guidelines into the lives of their children. Call our Las Vegas hospital at (702) 731-5437 for more information on keeping your children fit. In the event that your child suffers a sports-related injury, take advantage of our iTriage Symptom Checker for children’s emergency care.

  • Obesity Complications in Pregnancy

    Even under the best circumstances, pregnancy places significant strain on a woman’s body. This video demonstrates how obesity can complicate existing health concerns and create a high-risk pregnancy situation wherein both mother and child may be in danger.

    Obesity presents both clinical and logistical barriers to having a healthy pregnancy. This condition typically increases an expectant mother’s heart rate and blood sugar, which can lead to hypertension and diabetes. Obesity may also prevent prenatal care specialists from properly assessing the baby’s health, as excessive weight obstructs clear ultrasound viewing and heartbeat monitoring. In some cases, obesity can lead to premature birth, which puts a newborn in danger from the moment she enters the world.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive care for obesity-related high-risk pregnancies. To schedule an appointment at our Las Vegas children’s hospital, call (702) 731-5437.

  • Cooking for Your Family When Your Child Has Celiac Disease

    Little boy portrait strong flexing muscle biceps

    After months and possibly years of having to contend with your child’s chronic discomfort, it may come as a relief to finally know the source behind it: celiac disease. This disorder is caused by the small intestine’s inability to digest gluten, a protein found in several grains. Though parents may initially find it difficult to provide a balanced diet for a child with celiac disease, the following steps can help. Parents are also encouraged to contact Sunrise Children’s Hospital to ensure that their child’s nutritional needs are being met.

    Avoid all gluten products
    Once a child has been diagnosed with celiac disease , he can no longer eat any products with barley, rye, or wheat. Given wheat’s presence in foods like bread and pasta, which many families regularly use in meals, some parents might wonder what items they can substitute. Fortunately, foods like millet bread and rice pasta, neither of which contain wheat nor gluten, can easily replace your favorite dietary staples.

    Beware of foods that may contain hidden gluten
    Though natural beef, chicken, and pork are safe to eat for celiac disease sufferers, imitation or processed meats might include traces of gluten. Parents should also beware of soups that have a gluten base. If you have any doubts as to whether a particular food contains gluten, do not let your child eat it.

    Keep your cookware free of residual gluten
    Parents need not restrict other children from eating gluten products if they do not have celiac disease. If you keep gluten items in your home, though, be sure to thoroughly wash all silverware, plates, and other kitchen tools that may come into contact with those foods. Should even minor amounts of gluten remain on a plate that a child with celiac disease uses, it can cause symptoms to flare up.

    May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. If you would like to learn more about this condition, call Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas at (702) 731-5437. If you suspect that your child might have celiac disease, use our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system to find a healthcare provider.