Signs that Your Child Is Suffering from Dehydration

Thirsty boy drinking water outdoors

A dry setting like Las Vegas can quickly whisk away moisture from the body. When combined with heat, physical activity, or illness, dryness may cause dehydration in children. Sunrise Children’s Hospital stresses that insufficient hydration is a serious concern for children, as it may disturb bodily processes and cause loss of consciousness. It’s key that parents recognize the signs of dehydration well before a child complains of thirst, which indicates advanced dehydration.

Low Energy
Many factors can cause a child to be lethargic. If your child slept little the night before or hasn’t had a meal in a few hours, he may appear tired. If these factors are not relevant, your child’s fatigue may be the result of dehydration —especially if he has been playing outside for an extended period of time. When your child is outdoors, have him take frequent breaks for rest and rehydration.

Parched Mouth
A dry mouth is another sign that your child may be suffering from dehydration. Frequent lip licking may be one sign that your child’s mouth is dry. A visual examination that shows your child’s tongue to be dry may also indicate dehydration. To avoid dehydration, have water with you at all times so your child has continual access to fluids.

Infrequent Urination
A telltale sign that your child is dehydrated is sporadic urination or urine that is dark in color. The body is constantly flushing toxins from its system, so the fewer bathroom breaks your child takes, the more likely that he lacks the fluids necessary to relieve his body of waste. If your child hasn’t urinated in more than 12 hours, or if your infant hasn’t had a wet diaper in more than six hours, contact your physician for help.

Don’t let dehydration escalate into a more serious problem. Call Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas at (702) 731-5437 to speak with a children’s emergency care specialist about your child’s symptoms. Parents can also check current ER wait times by looking on our website or texting ER to 23000.

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