• Keeping Your Child Heart Healthy [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you think heart disease is just for adults, think again. Very grown-up cardiovascular problems, such as clogged arteries, are occurring more and more in children. The biggest reason for this spike in heart disease in kids is obesity, which is causing young kids to live with heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The good news is that there are plenty of things parents can do to curb their kids’ heart disease risk now and in the future. Find out the real risk of heart disease in kids and what you can do about it in this infographic from Las Vegas’ Sunrise Children’s Hospital . Help us beat heart disease in kids by sharing this information with your fellow parents. 

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  • What Is AirStrip Cardiology?

    The results of an electrocardiograph can tell a physician if his patient has a heart condition and determine the course of action taken to address it. Being able to correctly read electrocardiograph data then becomes imperative to both the diagnosis and treatment. AirStrip Cardiology offers doctors immediate and accurate access to electrocardiograph results with state-of-the-art software assistance. This software enables other healthcare practitioners to send electrocardiograph data to physicians at any time and at any location, as information can be read with either a computer or phone. It also lets those using it to examine results with special focus abilities. Both patients and doctors can benefit from these innovative features of AirStrip Cardiology.


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  • A Quick Look at Hybrid Heart Procedures

    For some pediatric heart patients, a single mode of treatment cannot adequately address the nature of their conditions. This is why Sunrise Children’s Hospital utilizes hybrid heart procedures in addition to our surgical, electrophysiological, catheterization, and medicine services. As its name indicates, hybrid heart procedures take advantage of the benefits that both surgery and catheterization can provide. While surgery may be a necessary form of treatment for some patients, catheterization can also help to manage or alleviate heart problems with minimally invasive methods. By merging these modes of treatment, the doctors at our children’s hospital can give our pediatric patients the most effective care possible based on their individual treatment needs.

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