Everyday Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Family’s Nutrition

Family Preparing Meal Together

A healthy diet doesn’t need to be strenuous or expensive. In fact, good nutrition can be easy when you make provisions for it. Sunrise Children’s Hospital values the nutritional health of our pediatric patients, which is why we have clinical dieticians on staff at our Las Vegas children’s hospital . Yet even in the absence of having a nutritional expert on hand, you can improve the eating habits of your entire family with these great meal tips.

Prep Wholesome Snacks

When hunger pangs hit, potato chips and cookies can provide your children with immediate albeit unhealthy satisfaction. However, you can encourage your children to eat more nutritious snacks by making them ahead of time. As you prepare your children’s lunches for school the next day, take an extra minute or two to slice up some cucumbers, carrots, or bell peppers. When you children look in the refrigerator the following afternoon for a treat, they will have delicious and nutritious snacks waiting for them.

Cook Multiple Meals

If you put in a late work night during the week, you might be tempted to grab fast food as a quick dinner fix. You can prevent the need to seek high-fat and high-calorie fast food options, though. Simply double your ingredients when you make a meal earlier in the week. Save half of your dinner in the freezer and thaw it in the oven when you come home from your late workday.

Remove Unhealthy Temptations

You can’t snack on unhealthy foods when you don’t keep them in the house. To achieve better eating habits at home, keep unwholesome foods out of it. When you do your weekly grocery shopping, ignore the snacks aisle. Concentrate instead on the outer edges of the grocery store where the fresh produce, lean proteins, and dairy products reside.

Looking for more healthy eating tips that your entire family can enjoy? Call Sunrise Children’s Hospital at (702) 731-5437 to learn about how you can make nutritious meal choices for your children. You can also browse our website for more detailed information on the treatment services that we offer families living in the greater Las Vegas area.

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