What Children Can Expect in Pediatric Speech Therapy


Speech therapists can help children improve a range of speech and language difficulties, including fluency disorders such as stuttering. If a physician at your local children’s hospital recommends speech therapy for your child, he or she will first go through an initial evaluation. Then, the speech therapist at the children’s hospital will develop an appropriate treatment plan and discuss it with you. Subsequently, your child will work with the speech therapist on an array of activities designed to improve function.

Initial Evaluation

When you bring your child to the children’s hospital for the initial evaluation, you can expect to answer some questions regarding his or her medical history. The speech therapist will also request information about your child’s developmental milestones, and speech and language challenges. Then, speech therapists can use a variety of assessment tools. These may include standardized tests and observations of the child in a natural environment, such as while he or she is playing. Based on this assessment, the speech therapist will devise some recommendations to facilitate your child’s progress and overcome barriers.

Treatment Plan

The speech therapist’s treatment plan will include some sessions at the hospital. It may also include a recommended program of activities or exercises to do at home with your child. The specific type of activities will depend on your child’s unique challenges. If he or she struggles with articulation, the speech therapist may physically demonstrate the proper positioning of the lips and other oral structures. He or she may hold a mirror in front of your child so he or she can become more aware of positioning while speaking. Frequently, pediatric speech therapists use games and other fun activities to engage children while they improve their speech and language.

As the area’s most comprehensive children’s hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital is pleased to provide pediatric speech therapy to Las Vegas families. Our team of pediatrics specialists also includes physical and occupational therapists. For a referral to a speech therapist at our children’s hospital, please call our Consult-A-Nurses referral line at (702) 731-5437.

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