Handling the Flu When Your Child Has Asthma

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Did you know that Asthma is the leading cause for flu complications that can lead to hospitalization among kids during flu season ? Parents of children who have asthma should be particularly cautious when it comes to flu prevention and treatment. Here are a few steps you should take if your child has asthma so that the flu does not cause a medical emergency in your household.

Become a Stickler for Immunization

Not only should your child have the flu shot (not the nasal spray), but the whole family should be immunized to reduce the spread of the virus. If possible, you might also encourage your child’s friends and their families to have the flu shot too, since higher rates of vaccination can further inhibit the spread of the flu throughout your community.

Ask Your Child’s Pediatrician about Anti-Viral Treatment

You should learn to identify flu symptoms right away, since anti-viral treatment can be effective when symptoms are spotted quickly and medication is prescribed immediately. Anti-viral treatment may not cure the flu completely, but it can significantly reduce symptoms and shorten the life of the illness.

Maintain the Right Environment at Home

Aside from the flu shot, cleanliness is the best method of prevention when it comes to influenza. Frequent hand washing and disinfecting surfaces throughout the home should be a regular part of your flu season routine. You might also consider having air ducts cleaned and doing some heavy-duty dusting to eliminate asthma triggers in the air at home.

Sunrise Children’s Hospital can be your partner for flu prevention this winter and provide reliable emergency care if flu complications become a problem in your household. Our Las Vegas pediatric ER is the largest in the area, providing care for more than 30,000 children each year. For flu prevention tips from our registered pediatric nurses, call our healthcare referral line at (702) 731-5437 or visit us online. 

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