Safety Guidelines for Giving Medication to Children

Woman give pill to little girl

During the flu season, you may need to use over-the-counter medications to help your child find relief from cold or flu symptoms and get better. When you use these medicines, you should know the important guidelines for administering medication to children so that you avoid accidental overdose and misuse that leads to ER visits. Here’s a look at what you should remember when your child needs medicine at home.

Always Follow Dosing Directions

You will always want to read labels closely and follow dosing instructions for your child’s age and weight. If multiple parents or caregivers are giving your child medicine throughout the day, you should keep a log of each dose so that no one gives an extra dose.

Use Caution When Giving Multiple Medications

If your child is taking more than one type of OTC medicine, check the active ingredients to be sure that there are no overlapping medications. Acetaminophen, or Tylenol, is frequently found in cold and flu medications, and it can cause liver damage if it is overused.

Increase a Child’s Comfort with Natural Remedies

For some flu symptoms, a hot bowl of soup or a cold popsicle may be just as effective as medication. Therefore, you should keep natural cold remedies on hand to supplement any medicine your child does take.

Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician

Before giving your child any type of medicine, you will want to speak with the pediatrician to make sure that it is safe and effective for the symptoms your child is presenting.

When you have questions about medication use for children, call Sunrise Children’s Hospital’s Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 731-5437 to speak with a registered nurse anytime. Our pediatric services ensure quality care for Las Vegas kids with a wide range of healthcare needs.

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