Tips for Creating the Right Birth Plan

Doctor with pregnant woman

Your birth plan is highly personal, and it should be unique to your specific wants and needs. As you begin to think about where to deliver your baby, you will want to create a birth plan that will create positive memories and a great beginning to your child’s life. To design the birth plan that is best for you and your family, follow these guidelines from Sunrise Children’s Hospital.

Visualize Your Ideal Birth Setting  

Not only will you want to think about the environment where you want to give birth —a hospital, home, or birth center—you will want to envision who you want present at the birth in terms of siblings and other family members. Is there a certain position in which you want to give birth? Are there specific songs or images you’d like to focus on during birth? These questions can help you include more details in your birth plan and minimize your stress during labor.

Consider Measures for Comfort

Some women choose to use pain medication or epidurals for birth while others prefer a natural birth. Both can have their risks and benefits, so think about which you prefer and discuss this choice with your obstetrician. You might also consider comforts like measures for hydration or mobility that can also help you stay relaxed and positive.

Know Your Backup Options

Flexibility is important on the day of delivery, because there are factors you cannot account for that may arise during labor. You will want to think about backup options in situations such as cesarean birth so that you can still remain comfortable as changes come up.

To begin planning your delivery at Sunrise Children’s Hospital , visit our website or call (702) 731-5437 to schedule a tour of our birthing unit. Our Maternal Infant Unit has 42 private mother baby rooms where you can begin to bond as a new family. 

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