Tips for Caring for Your Child Following Surgery

Going to a children’s hospital for surgery may seem overwhelming for both you and your child. However, at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, pediatric specialists provide extensive case management and discharge planning services to help you learn how to provide the care your child needs. Each child’s recovery from surgery is unique and is dependent upon the specific type of surgery he or she underwent. Specialists in pediatrics will provide you with detailed discharge instructions before you leave the children’s hospital.

Follow the Discharge Instructions

Your child’s discharge instructions will advise you as to how long your child must refrain from strenuous activities. If your child has been prescribed pain medication, be sure to follow all dosage instructions carefully. Avoid giving extra dosages if your child still complains of pain; instead, call a pediatrics provider. The discharge sheet may also provide instructions for feeding your child and caring for the incision site.

Encourage Fluid Intake

Your child may not feel like eating until much later in the day. However, he or she should consume clear fluids such as water, apple juice, ginger ale, or popsicles. Be sure to inform the nurse if your child appears dehydrated.

Try Activities to Distract Your Child

Distracting your child is one way to help him or her cope with discomfort. Watch your child’s favorite movie together, read a book, or listen to music. Your child may also enjoy coloring books or activity books.

Offer a Comforting Touch

A parent’s touch can reassure a child after surgery . However, it’s important to avoid touching the incision site. If your child is still in the children’s hospital, ask a nurse to help you hold your child so as to avoid disturbing any medical equipment.

Sunrise Children’s Hospital of Las Vegas provides compassionate care for children of all ages, including sophisticated surgical services, emergency care, and outpatient care. If your child will undergo surgery at our children’s hospital, you’ll receive all the information, resources, and assistance your family needs to help your little one recover. If you have a question related to pediatrics, please call (702) 233-5437 to speak with one of our friendly registered nurses.

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