• What to Do When Your Child Is Experiencing Constipation

    Constipation is a common problem in children, and in most cases, it does not cause for alarm. However, there are times when constipation does not resolve with home remedies and your child needs to see a pediatrics specialist for care. If your child is experiencing constipation, here is what you need to know.

    Recognize the Symptoms

    Often, kids will report to their parents that they are experiencing pain when they are going to the bathroom, which can be the first indicator of constipation. Passing hard stools may be painful to your child, which suggests he or she is constipated. In some cases, children who are constipated actually seem to have diarrhea, as liquid waste moves around a blockage that is associated with constipation. In other instances, you may notice on your own that your child seems to be going to the bathroom less. This may be caused by withholding stool, which occurs when your child attempts to avoid having a bowel movement, often because of a previously painful experience. Withholding stool triggers a painful cycle of constipation.

    Consider Dietary Remedies

    If your child complains of constipation, often making a few simple dietary changes can help. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water, and serve a high-fiber diet that includes whole grains, beans, and probiotic yogurts. Frequently, making these dietary changes will ease constipation and encourage a healthier digestive process.

    Talk to a Pediatrician

    A pediatrics specialist should evaluate constipation that doesn’t respond to dietary treatments or that recurs. Dr. Howard Baron of Sunrise Children’s Hospital explains in this video that treatment for constipation for children should begin in the primary care pediatrician’s office, who may then order a referral to a pediatrics gastroenterologist as needed. Doctors may suggest stool softeners, laxatives, or in severe cases, an enema, to help kids with persistent constipation get well.

    Parents can rely on the care their kids get from Sunrise Children’s Hospital, from basic preventative pediatrics in Las Vegas to children’s emergency care . If you’re concerned about your child’s symptoms, call us at (702) 233-5437 to speak to a nurse and ask for a physician referral.

  • How to Ensure a Stress-Free Visit to the ER

    Going to the children’s hospital for emergency care is something every parent dreads. However, you can make this overwhelming situation a little more manageable by taking a few small steps to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible. When it’s necessary to seek emergency care for your child, keep this advice in mind to minimize the stress surrounding your visit.

    Be Prepared

    ER visits tend to be less stressful if you prepare for them well before you know you’ll need one. Create medical records for every member of your family that includes information about current medications, allergies, pre-existing health conditions, and the dates of past surgeries or major medical procedures. Print paper records to store at home and in your care, or keep the records on your phone. To provide the best emergency care, the medical providers will need to know this information, so gather it when things are calm instead of trying to cobble it together in the face of an emergency.

    Pack a Bag

    In some emergencies, you don’t have time to stop and pack things for your visit, but when time allows, doing so can make the visit easier on everyone involved. Grab your child’s favorite toy or blanket plus some things to keep him or her occupied while you wait, such as coloring books or small games. If you have to bring siblings, be sure you pack things to keep everyone occupied and tension at a minimum.

    Lead the Way

    Although seeing your child experiencing a medical emergency can be traumatic for parents, your child will be looking to you to gauge how upset or fearful he or she should be. Be calm and confident, and your child will follow suit. Your visible anxiety will increase your child’s fear as well as that of his or her siblings, so demonstrate your trust in the hospital to help your kids feel secure.

    As a dedicated provider of children’s emergency care in Las Vegas , Sunrise Children’s Hospital offers specialized care tailored to young patients and their families. Find out how we can put your mind at ease when your kids need medical care by calling our children’s hospital today at (702) 233-5437.

  • Protecting Your Child from Foot Injuries

    Both on the field and off, children are vulnerable to foot injuries that can have life-long implications. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can protect your child’s feet and reduce the risk that he or she will need treatment from a pediatrics specialist for a foot injury. Cut the chances of damage to your child’s feet with these tips.

    Get Smart About Shoes

    When you go shopping, make your child try on both shoes while wearing the socks he or she will wear with the shoes. Fasten them or tie them correctly and let your child walk around for several minutes to see how they feel. Buy shoes in the afternoon, when your child’s feet will be at their largest. Rather than investing in a single pair of expensive shoes, it’s better to buy more than one pair of supportive shoes that fit will well at a lower price tag, so your child can rotate them and avoid excessive wear that makes the shoes less supportive.

    Encourage Varied Activities

    Pediatrics specialists frequently see children with overuse injuries in their feet from competing in a single type of sport. You can help your child avoid these kinds of injuries by encouraging them to take part in multiple types of physical activities instead of focusing on one sport. The variation allows different parts of the feet to be worked and helps to prevent damaging ligament and growth plate injuries. It is better to save sports specialization until the teenage years.

    Emphasize Training

    When your child is involved in sports, it’s important to ensure that they train properly to avoid all types of injuries, including foot injuries . Through training, your child learns safe techniques and motions that protect his or her feet. Warming up and stretching is also helpful in avoiding injuries.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital provides extensive pediatrics care, including children’s emergency care and a NICU in Las Vegas. Contact our children’s hospital today at (702) 233-5437 for more information about your pediatrics team or a referral to one of our physicians.

  • Helpful Health Tips for Dads

    Moms get a lot of advice about taking care of their own health, from the time they give birth at the children’s hospital through the different stages of their kids’ lives, but what about dads? June is Men’s Health Month and the perfect time to stop and think about what dads can do to stay as healthy as possible for their families. These tips will help dads of all ages get healthier and stay that way.

    Manage Stress

    From the first night, the baby is home from the hospital to the first driving lesson, dads experience a great deal of stress throughout their kids’ lives. They tend to have fewer options for leave from work, particularly after the baby is born, and in the early days of kids’ lives, dads may feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and financial strain on their plates. As kids get older, the financial pressures can get even greater as kids’ demands shift. This stress can cause dads to face depression, anxiety, and an increased risk for heart disease. Dads need downtime to enjoy activities that help them reduce stress and positive stress releases strategies to avoid becoming overwhelmed. If you feel like stress if taking over your life, talk to your doctor about getting help.

    Get Regular Checkups

    For men, annual physicals offer an opportunity to catch developing health problems in their early stages so that treatment can begin. This includes things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and prostate cancer. Staying as healthy as possible is the best gift a dad can give his family, so keep your yearly preventative care visit on the calendar.

    Live a Healthy Lifestyle

    Be a role model for your kids by embracing a healthy way of living. Choose healthy foods, be active every day, don’t smoke, and maintain moderate drinking habits. Not only will these behaviors help to prevent heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, and more, but they will also teach your kids about taking care of themselves.

    Good health for the family starts at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. We’re committed to providing comprehensive pediatrics services, including a NICU, children’s emergency care, and management of high-risk pregnancy in Las Vegas. Get more information today by calling (702) 233-5437.