Teach Your Child to Make Healthy New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

Adults aren’t the only ones who get inspired to use a new year to turn over a new leaf. Kids often want to follow your lead and make resolutions of their own, and just like adults, they often find them difficult to stick to. If your child wants to make some resolutions for the New Year, there are things you can do to help them make healthy commitments that they can follow for more than a few weeks. Try these strategies to teach your kids healthy ways to make resolutions and to stick with them. Keep in mind that you should check with your child’s pediatrics physician before undertaking any new diet or exercise plans.

Set Realistic Goals
One of the biggest problems adults face when they make resolutions is that they set huge goals that are too lofty to accomplish in the time they allow themselves. Help your child avoid this kind of frustration by helping her set goals that are realistic. For instance, if your child wants make the basketball team but has no experience, a realistic resolution is to practice shooting baskets for 30 minutes four times per week. The feeling of accomplishment of achieving that goal will help your child keep fighting to reach her larger goal of making the team.

Work Together
Even if everyone in your home has different resolutions, you can work together as a team to support each other in your individual goals. If there is overlap between your resolutions, work together to achieve them. Perhaps everyone in your family wants to eat healthier. Get your child involved with picking a new, healthy dish to try each week.

Be a Role Model
Your child will learn how to manage resolutions by watching you. Show your child the importance of commitment by sharing your own resolutions and letting her see you work towards you goal. Likewise, let your child see you put slip-ups into perspective. Don’t beat yourself up for making a misstep in your efforts to stick to your resolution so your child learns that perfection is not realistic.

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