Pediatric Care Through EMS and ER Staff

When medical emergencies affect young patients, parents may be reassured by the presence of a dedicated children’s hospital near them. A parent’s first instinct might be to drive the child to the hospital right away, but this might actually not be the best choice. This is because Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams can deliver essential prehospital care while pediatric patients are on route to Sunrise Children’s Hospital .

Coordinated Emergency Response
By calling 911 when a medical emergency develops, parents automatically activate the local EMS system . EMS systems are comprised of transportation networks, communication hubs, hospitals, paramedics, and other emergency care providers. As soon as EMS arrives on the scene, the paramedics can quickly evaluate the child’s medical problem, check vital signs, and administer certain interventions as needed, including supplemental oxygen and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). EMS can transport children to the ER much more quickly than parents can. Plus, EMS personnel contact the hospital ahead of the patient’s arrival. This allows the appropriate medical providers to assemble and begin treating the patient as soon as he or she arrives. When a child is in critical condition, seconds count.

Specialized Pediatric Transport
Many communities lack specialized pediatric transport for young patients. Families in the Las Vegas area, however, can receive exceptional services thanks to the partnership of the Sunrise Children’s Hospital Transport Team and MedicWest. This partnership gives our community access to a specially designed, dedicated pediatric and neonate ambulance. This unique ambulance transports high-risk patients who need critical care. It features specialized medical equipment and it’s staffed by specially trained emergency responders who are available 24/7. Our specialized pediatric and neonate transport service enables our young patients to continuously receive the care they need. It bridges the gap between the arrival of EMS on the scene and the patient’s arrival at the hospital.

In the Las Vegas area, the largest emergency care facility dedicated to pediatrics is available at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Our emergency care providers coordinate with EMS systems to provide medical care for more than 50,000 young patients each year. If your child requires emergency care, please call 911 right away; otherwise, non-emergent inquiries may be directed to (702) 233-5437.

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