Why you should teach your children to have good posture

There is a good chance that your parents told you to stand up straight when you were a kid, and now you are probably saying the same thing to your own children. Although your kids may not love your nagging, you’re right to make posture an important issue. Poor posture can start a domino effect of health problems, from joint pain to muscle aches. The next time your child is slouching, you can remind him or her of these important reasons that good posture matters.

Prevent joint pain
As the video explains, poor posture is often the root cause of joint pain in other parts of the body. If you don’t keep your neck straight, it can cause pain in the neck joints that then trigger pain in the shoulders. When the shoulders become painful, the elbows may try to compensate, until they start to hurt as well.

When you maintain a healthy alignment of your spine, you can prevent this series of events from even beginning. Once joint pain starts, the damage is done.

Reduce muscle pain
Just as poor posture can lead to painful joints, it can cause muscle pain as well. When posture is poor, you are more likely to tense up your muscles in order to support that posture. For example, if you have poor posture, you may tense up your lower back muscles, which in turn will cause soreness and pain.

This kind of muscle tension can also reduce your range of motion. This makes everyday activities more difficult and also increases the chance that you will be injured during physical activity.

Good posture habits start during childhood, so encourage your child to stand up straight and sit with his or her back against the chair. Sunrise Children’s Hospital will also help you teach your kids how to get good posture and why it matters. For more information about our children’s hospital in Las Vegas, please call (702) 233-5437.

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