• Be Aware of These Common Pediatric Eye Injuries

    If you’ve childproofed your home and provided your kids with the necessary sports safety gear , you’ve already taken important steps toward preventing unexpected visits to the children’s hospital. But, as every parent knows all too well, kids have a knack for getting themselves into unsafe situations. If your child sustains an eye injury, the pediatric specialists at Sunrise Children’s Hospital can help him or her feel better quickly.

    Eye Contusions

    Eye contusions are the same as black eyes. These highly visible bruises develop within 24 hours of a blow to the eye area. The area may be swollen, tender, and painful. An emergency care physician should evaluate the child to determine if the eye itself has been injured. If so, antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed to prevent an infection. Otherwise, the doctor will likely recommend gently applying an ice pack wrapped in a soft towel.

    Foreign Objects

    It’s common for kids and adults alike to get an eyelash in the eye every once in a while. But sometimes, foreign particulate matter such as sand or grit may become lodged in the eye. Instruct your child not to rub the eyes. Ask him or her to blink several times to try to flush the object out. Your child needs emergency care if any of the following apply:

    • The foreign object is a chemical.
    • It struck the eye with a high speed.
    • It is stuck on the eye.
    • The child’s vision is affected.
    • The child continues to experience pain after the object has been washed out.

    If a foreign object is stuck on or into the eye, do not attempt to remove it. Instead, call 911.

    Chemical Burns

    If a child gets household cleaning products or any other type of chemical in the eyes, it should be assumed that he or she needs emergency care. Chemical burns can lead to vision loss unless they are treated promptly. The 911 dispatcher may ask you to flush your child’s eyes with clean water or sterile saline solution while you wait for the ambulance.

    The emergency care doctors at Sunrise Children’s Hospital provide rapid responses to children with serious medical problems like eye injuries. If your little one is in need of emergency care in the Las Vegas area, please call 911 without delay. Non-emergent questions about our pediatric services can be directed to a registered nurse at (702) 233-5437.